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Topash's Prayer


We thank the Great Spirit, our grandfather,
who made  the father sky with dancing stars,
the mother Earth of rock, soil and waters,
the sun that warms.

The Great Spirit brought upon this beautiful
place the growing things.
He made the crawling creatures,
as well as soaring winged ones.
The four leggeds he made to teach us
and become food for the people.....
the People who are to walk in the balance
of the entire universe of the Great Spirit.

We offer our saymaa and repeat Megwitch
with each coming of the dawn.

Megwitch to the East
Megwitch to the West
Megwitch to the South
Megwitch to the North
Megwitch to all that is below
Megwitch to all that is above

The manitou is everywhere. The center
of our universe is within.
The drum beats as our heart.
The high keening and deep chest
sounds of song celebrate our journey.
This is a journey of balance of Nishnawbe
People. We walk in the circle of the
seasons and generations.

Tom Topash

The meaning of my sixth greath grandfathers name - Agaagoojin
The meaning is: He is across the sky, or on the other side of the sky
agaa: the other side, across - agoojin: to be in the sky, hanging

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